Please find the following medical guideline and article published by the other organization, which hopefully could be helpful for ship health supervisors to the prevention of infection of coronavirus (COVID-19) of seafarers.

ICS Coronavirus (COVID-19):
Guidance for ship operators for the protection of the health of seafarers
published by International Chamber of Shipping

Coronavirus (COVID-19):
infection control and prevention measures
published by Cochrane Library

Please find following booklets and medical articles published in past by our Corporation, which we hope will of one of reference for the prevention of Coronavirus, Copid-19.

Epidemiology and Prevention
Guideline for Rapid Response

2003.04.01 [No.144] Medical News for Seamen
Smart viruses and stupid ones
2012.07.01 [No.181] Medical News for Seamen
2012.07.01 [No.185] Medical News for Seamen
Do Infectious Diseases Belong to the Past?
- Looking back on the History

2014.07.01 [No.189] Medical News for Seamen
Infection prevention
- Pitfall of a raw food culture

2017.10.01 [No.202] Medical News for Seamen
Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of pneumonia
2018.01.01 [No.203] Medical News for Seamen
Prevention of Infections Starts from Your Daily Environment

Published Japanese and English booklet "Guideline for Rapid Response to Pandemic Influenza".


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